Modern Succulent Wreath In A Box

dollar store hexagonal wreath.png

I found this simple hexagonal box shelf at Target for $6. If you’ve already made your succulent wreath from dollar store items, you can simply place it in the shelf and hang it. 
If you haven’t, please go back and read the tutorial on making a succulent wreath using Dollar Store items located here


You may need to rearrange some of your succulent stems on the outside of the wreath in order to accommodate the size of the wooden box. Do this by removing the stems that obstruct the box and replace them to fill in gaps once the wreath has been tucked into the box. 


The shadow box has pre-installed hooks for hanging on the backside, making this project super simple. 


But you can always just place the box on any horizontal surface in need of a little Spring spruce-up. I like the way it looks grouped with my other house plants (all fake, byt he way, because I’m a plant murderer). 


This mimics the look of this succulent shadow box I spotted at Target, but is $10 cheaper and looks far more modern. 

Happy Spring!

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