Top DIY Organizing Projects – February 2019

DIY Organizing - February was an awesome month for DIY bloggers to show off their best organization hacks! Today, i’m highlighting my top 5 favorite projects that will get your home in order in no time!  #organizing #diybuilding #diybloggers #organi…


February was an awesome month for DIY bloggers to show off their best organization hacks! Today, I’m highlighting my top 5 favorite projects that will get your home in order in no time!

  1. DIY Closet Organizer from Two Feet First

Closet systems are so expensive and they tend to look kind of janky. Luckily, Megan at Two Feet First shows you how you can build your own that looks so much better and costs way less! There’s even a video tutorial!

2. Floating Shelves for Uneven Walls from Shrimp Salad Circus

I love the look of floating shelves but they can be challenging to install if you live in an older home with less-than-perfect walls. Luckily, Lindsay at Shrimp Salad Circus has completed the project and now she’s sharing her tips for getting a clean look, even if your walls are uneven.

3. Cabinet Door Mounted Trashcan from Abbotts At Home

Trash cans are the bane of my existence. They’re necessary, sure, but they’re also gross and ugly and it seems our homes were never built to consider the placement of these monstrosities. Being an absolute genius, Stephanie at Abbotts At Home has figured out a super easy way to eliminate your bathroom trashcans from sight, while keeping them within arms reach for convenience.

4. Repurposed Crib Turned Home Planner from Happily Ever After, Etc.

I absolutely love projects that incorporate the items we already have on-hand! So this DIY Menu Chalkboard from Betsy at Happily Ever After, Etc. won my heart immediately! She took her kid’s outgrown crib and turned it into an easy memo board. Because, here’s the thing – you all know I’m not making menus but I am all about keeping our daily tasks right in front of our faces. This chalkboard looks so good that you wouldn’t have to conceal it behind closed doors!

5. DIY Drawer Organizers from By Brittany Goldwyn

Items rolling around all loose goosey in drawers is a pet peeve of mine. But those store-bought organizing systems are always too small and they move around too. It’s annoying. Until now. Brittany at By Brittany Goldwyn has shown you how to create a fully custom drawer organizer that’s super cheap and looks like a professional storage solution. Run, don’t roll, to see her tutorial.

These projects were all submitted as part of our At Home DIY Blogger’s Challenge series. Each month, we choose a new topic to tackle and come together as a group to motivate and inspire you to get your DIY hats on and get to work!

In case you missed it, here’s the project I tackled for February’s Build To Organize challenge: Bathroom Organizing DIY: How To Easily Double The Storage Capacity Under Your Sink For Cheap

And here’s the full list of participants:

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