Update Your Winter Wreath With Faux Succulents For A Year-Welcome Welcoming Home

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Wreaths make wonderful inviting statements for guests, but seasonal wreaths take up valuable storage space. My solution is to use the same basic wreath all year round and spruce it up every season with accent pieces. Here, I’ve found faux succulents from the dollar store and am using them to infuse Spring color into my front door. 

basic wreath with no seasonal decorations.jpeg

1. Take down your wreath and pull out any winter greenery. Allow this greenery to soak in a 1/1 part solution of white vinegar and water. Once dry, place in a plastic zipped bag for out of season storage. When the weather begins to chill in the Fall, your greenery will be ready to be added. back to your wreath. No waste! Minimal storage!

2. Lay out all of your Dollar Store succulents and group by height and shape. 


3. Starting with the longest pieces first, begin adding your succulents to the wreath by tucking the stems under the floral wire that holds your wreath together. You may need to press down slightly on the wreath, while pulling the wire forward. Do this gently so as to not break your vines and this wreath will last for years. 

tucking succulent stems under floral wire.JPG

4. Count the number of succulents you have of each type and divide the wreath accordingly. For instance, if you have 4 long pieces, draw an imaginary line down the vertical and horizontal centers of the wreath, creating quarters. Each piece of like greenery should be tucked in to separate quarters. This will insure your wreath has a consistent and symmetrical appearance.

adding greenery to spruce up a fake wreath.JPG

5. Once all of your long pieces have been added, fill in the empty spaces with wide and flat greenery. Use the same principals of consistency and symmetry to place the pieces about the wreath. Make sure you stagger the placement and feel free to group smaller pieces with larger ones, as this will give your wreath depth and dimension. 

adding flat pieces of succulents to an existing wreath.JPG

6. Once you feel your wreath has sufficient accents, step back five feet and take a look. Note any bald spots and add additional succulents where applicable. 


7. Hang your wreath and admire your handy work every time you invite a guest inside. 

Happy Spring!

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