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DIY Halloween Decorations: Life-Sized Skeleton Bartender

I love Halloween. Have I made that point clear yet? It’s the most wonderful time of the year. Sao every year when a new batch of fun Halloween decorations premieres, I am super excited to see what I might be able to snatch up (if I wait until November 1st for the clearance). This year, my particular obsession was a mirror and skeleton set from Grandin Road. The snag? It’s $500! No clearance sale will ever make that affordable. So I decided to make my own. He’s not as sinister as the original, but I think he’s great nonetheless.

Dollar Store Halloween Decorations: A DIY Tutorial

Halloween is my favorite holiday. I love the fantasy of it all. When it comes to decorating for the occasion, I like to keep it simple and creepy. By adding in some realistic-looking black and red accents, I can play with my existing decor without overwhelming it. By shopping at the Dollar Store, I can keep it cheap. Here are my favorite Halloween DIY Dollar Store crafts…