Weekly Reading Round-up: College Admissions Scandal + Modern Parenting Problems, DIY Reese’s Eggs, A Latte For My Soul, And One Of My Dreams Came True

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It’s a new weekly blog feature! Every Friday morning, come back here for a round-up of the things I’ve discovered online this week! From DIY building, home decor, parenting and recipe ideas, these blog posts are all the best of the best! I don’t want you to miss them.

Top 5 Home Trends Real Estate Buyers Want To See In 2019 + Free Guide To Evaluating Your Market

Top 5 Home Trends Real Estate Buyers Want To See In 2019
Choosing finishes that appeal to homebuyers can be tricky. Today I’m detailing the Top 5 trends that U.S. buyers actually want when they’re shopping for real estate this year. I’m exploring the ways you can easily – and inexpensively – add these upgrades to help sell your home faster and for more money.

ORC™ Week Six: Updated Suburban Entryway Reveal

Before I dive into my entire space, I do want to address one surprise item; my dining room. At the beginning of this challenge, I mentioned that we weren’t in love with our dining room anymore. The wallpaper was a little too blah for the space and didn’t feel cohesive with the remainder of the house. So, after losing light at 5:00 last night, I decided to remedy the error I made back in the Spring and re-wallpaper this room.

ORC™: Week Five – Progress Report + What Is The One Room Challenge™?

I could write about painting a foyer or patching holes in walls. I could break down the steps for installing a new light fixture or show you how I’ve installed the moulding in my foyer. Would those really be useful topics for you? Maybe. Most likely, they won’t be that valuable because they’ve been covered in-depth by about a million other blogs. Maybe what I’m going to write about today has been covered a bazillion times before as well. I’m writing it anyway because the questions I receive most often are NOT about home improvement projects. They aren’t related to color choices or trim work. They’re about the One Room Challenge™. So let’s dive in and answer some of those questions; …

ORC™: Week Four: Replacing Carpeted Stairs with Hardwood – No Easy Task

This week was busy and kind of trying. Last week, I was all NEXT WEEK WILL BE BETTER and I was half right. This week has been far more productive because I sent my family away for the weekend so I could focus on the foyer. Last Friday, I hired a company to come install the stairs with hardwood. The appointment was set for Wednesday of this week. Feeling great with that task marked off my list and our brand new hardwoods installed upstairs, I spent the weekend installing trim moulding and painting the two-story foyer. …

ORC™: Week Three – DIY Home Improvement Fails

I know what you’re thinking. I know in your mind, you’re imagining it can’t possibly be as bad as I make it sound. You could be right. On the one hand, I have a home that is sound and a family that is in basically good health and wine. So it’s really not as bad as it could be. On the other hand, everything I touched turned to shit this week and I’m not ready to stop whining about it…

Dollar Store Halloween Decorations: A DIY Tutorial

Halloween is my favorite holiday. I love the fantasy of it all. When it comes to decorating for the occasion, I like to keep it simple and creepy. By adding in some realistic-looking black and red accents, I can play with my existing decor without overwhelming it. By shopping at the Dollar Store, I can keep it cheap. Here are my favorite Halloween DIY Dollar Store crafts…

ORC™ Week Two: Entryway Design Concept

My favorite thing about the One Room Challenge™ is how you get to see room makeovers in real time. In this HGTV-laden world of mega-renovations from start to finish in under an hour, it’s refreshing to be reminded that real life projects take time. I have clients who get so frustrated by the third weekend of their living room renovation that they’re ready to throw in the towel.

ORC™ Week One: Fall 2018 My Suburban Entryway Update

ORC™ Week One: Fall 2018 My Suburban Entryway Update

Well folks, I’m at it again. I just can’t stay away. In fact, you may recall that I took all Summer off from major home improvement projects. My reasoning? I was tired and I knew that if I continued at a lightening pace, I would never be able to participate in this new round of the One Room Challenge™! Well now I’m geared up and ready to rock this …