Weekly Reading Round-up: College Admissions Scandal + Modern Parenting Problems, DIY Reese’s Eggs, A Latte For My Soul, And One Of My Dreams Came True

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the best posts from my favorite blogs this week

I’m taking a break from DIY projects and home renovations to share some other goodies from around the web! Every Friday morning, come back here for a round-up of the things I’ve discovered online this week! From DIY building, home decor, parenting and recipe ideas, these blog posts are all the best of the best! I don’t want you to miss them.

There are a lot of blogs in the universe. Here’s how I keep track of my favorite ones, without needing some fancy app: Bookmarks! That’s right. I go so old-school. I have a Bookmarks Tab in my web browser that I’ve dubbed “blogs I love”. The I find a new blog that has content I like, I add their home page to the list. Then when I’m bored or have a spare five minutes, I like to pull up this tab and browse through each of these bloggers’ most recent posts. Here’s a screenshot of what my bookmarks look like. I have a lot of blogs saved, so this is just a sampling:

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Now that you know the secret to my sauce, let’s get to it! Here are my favorite posts from the Blogosphere this week:

How To Decorate A Home With Someone Who Doesn’t Share Your Style

Of course I have to mention this post first because – YOU GUYS – it’s a real dream of mine to have my name/face appear on Design*Sponge. So this is a literal dream-come-true.

Beyond that, the article is actually really good.

If you’ve ever had a disagreement over decor with your housemates, this is the piece you need to read this week! Even if you haven’t, it’s actually just a beautiful post about relationships and compromise. Plus, did I mention that Christine and I appear in it?! That’s right. We were interviewed for the article and actually learned a lot about one another in the process of the interview. You can see it here: How To Live + Design Together (Happily).


Make At Home Reese’s Peanut Butter Egg Knock-Offs

If you know anything about my diet, you know I’m a very strict Keto follower. HAHAHAHAHA!

Just kidding! I live off candy, you guys. My favorite candy? Reese’s Peanut Butter Eggs. Not just the regular cups but the eggs. I prefer the eggs, pumpkins, trees, etc because the peanut butter to chocolate ratio is better. So I’m delighted to see this knock-off recipe from Sara at Dinner At The Zoo. Make them and then report back please and thank you.

A Vegan Latte That Actually Froths!

This has been my search for over a year, you guys. Monday through Friday, I’m a black coffee drinker. But the weekends deserve something a little special and for me, that means a frothy latte. The problem? My body doesn’t love milk and all of the dairy substitutes I’ve tried have failed to froth to my liking.

Then I stumbled across this latte recipe (actually two recipes) from Katrina Blair and now I’m excited for special coffees again! Look at how frothy that creamer looks:

A Girl’s Bedroom Makeover To Make You Sob

Not just because Mercury is in retrograde, you guys. This bedroom makeover by Sara of SKG Designs is sweet for so many reasons. First off, it’s a teenage girl’s dream room. Actually, even my 4-year-old daughter would be delighted to live here.

And then to top it off, this space was completed as a little lady’s MAKE A WISH foundation request. I mean, come on! The tears are flowing. You’ve got to see this entire completed space.

A List of Age-Appropriate Chores for Kids

Y’all. This whole college enrollment scandal thing has really gotten to me. It’s pissed me off in ways I can’t even accurately describe and was not expecting. Is it annoying that rich people are literally buying their kids’ futures? Yep. Is it surprising? Not really.

More than that, I’m irritated about the kind of general atmosphere around modern parenting in the first place. I’m a relatively new mom, admittedly, but I can still have an opinion, right?

My opinion? We are doing too much for our kids. It is not our responsibility to make sure our children get accepted into their dream colleges. If they have a dream, it’s our responsibility to nurture it, set them on the path, and teach them how to achieve it.

Shavonda at SG Style Blog had a series of posts in her Instagram Stories a few weeks ago that outlined how teenagers these days don’t know how to talk on the phone. WHAT IN THE ACTUAL CLEAR PLASTIC HELL IS THAT?! She said parents were actually calling and speaking directly to their … get this … kids’ college professors. I was just as astonished as she was to hear this news.

A few days later, my daughter informed me that she’d wished upon a falling star that she could live with Christine and me forever. Now that’s adorable and really sweet but also, no.

I love my daughter. I want her to have a full and happy life. A full and happy life requires some independence and I know it is my duty to instill some of that into her, starting now.

So this week, I found this list of chores for kids from The Spruce that are all recommended by age group / maturity level. Next week, we begin the new chore system. Because, you guys, I will be damned if my dream (retirement) is derailed by a 30-something living in my attic.

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Happy Reading!




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