Beach House Style: How To Achieve Breezy Summer Style on a Budget

We’re now well into Summer and I am craving the beach like no year before. Unfortunately, with a full design calendar, I don’t see a trip in my near future. Tennessee’s a landlocked state. Rivers are fine. But there’s something about the crashing waves and soothing blues that makes everything feel right with the world. I just want to get there. I guess you know the adage – if you can’t get to the beach, get the beach to you. What no one says that? Well, I say we start a trend. 

An Effortless Summer: Focus on Your Health

I set out on a mission this year to get healthy. After years of auto-immune issues and fatigue, I found myself craving the energy and spirit of my youth. I wondered, Is it possible to feel young again? I’m not sure, honestly. But in case it is, I’d sure like to try. Here’s how I’m achieving whole-body health, one step at a time. 

Best of the Blog: My Favorite Houseplants for Low Light Rooms + how to care for them

Alternative Post Title: Confessions of a Serial Plant Killer. Seriously, I try very hard and yet, I’ve never managed to keep plants alive in my home. I have one aloe plant that was a gift from my friend over ten years ago and it’s still alive. Probably because it took a four-year hiatus from my care while I was living in North Carolina. During that time, it lived with my mother, who can grow plants in a cardboard box (I’m not kidding at all), and it thrived. It even had a baby! I’ve had it back for six months and it’s looking pretty sickly. 

Effortless Summer Decorating

With each new season, it seems we all get an itch to update the decor in our homes. It makes sense. We see all of the beautiful updates in nature and we want to mimic them. But there’s just something about Summer that encourages a specific (lazier?) decor technique that can be hard to emulate. We all want the effortless look, but how much time do we actually spend trying to achieve it?

Welcome Kristen Poissant Posse!

I’m so happy you could join me today! I’d love for you to take off your heels and kick back. Explore the site. View my services. Read my blogs. Just spend some time getting to know me. And when you’ve had your fill, drop me a line. I’d love to hear from you! Even if you’re not in the market for a room redesign, I still think we’d make lovely friends! 

An Effortless Summer Gathering

This Summer will be fun and simple. Let’s host parties with minimal budgets. Let’s give our out-of-town visitors an experience that only feels like it took forever to plan. Let’s organize our workspaces to run more efficiently and save time. Let’s do it all while maintaining a healthy lifestyle that nourishes our bodies and our minds. Is it possible? Let’s see.

How I Clean My Entire 3,000 Square Foot House with only 4 natural ingredients you can get at the grocery store

Each product promises the same thing – natural cleaning that rivals the old-school methods. But can they really live up to the hype? I don’t know, to be honest. I’ve never tried them. And here’s why: I can make a truly natural cleaning product that lasts months, leaves my home smelling amazing, and costs only pennies right here in my own kitchen! So why would I spend $10 on a bottle of hope? 

Master Bedroom Designs – Three Ways to Create a Relaxing Haven

My first advice for anyone who is looking to create a calming space is to fight the temptation to load it with her favorite colors. I love navy blue, but my current bedroom (pictured at the very top of the post) is entirely neutral. This keeps the space feeling light and airy and doesn’t pull the eye in any single direction. Instead, the mind is allowed to ease itself as the white and light taupe tones engulf you.