Master Bedroom Designs – Three Ways to Create a Relaxing Haven

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My first advice for anyone who is looking to create a calming space is to fight the temptation to load it with her favorite colors. I love navy blue, but my current bedroom (pictured at the very top of the post) is entirely neutral. This keeps the space feeling light and airy and doesn’t pull the eye in any single direction. Instead, the mind is allowed to ease itself as the white and light taupe tones engulf you. It’s like a spa, but no blue tones here. 


Craving a little mood in the bedroom is common. While I enjoy a light sanctuary, I have clients and friends who prefer to set the stage for evening by incorporating darker greys and warm beige. I love this idea. I just advise you not to go completely black. I would layer in a few accents to set the mood, rather than completely transforming every piece at once. Here’s what I recommend – 

nature inspired bedroom for summer or lake house.png

Lastly, if you want a bedroom that infuses a subtle color combination, I always advise you to look towards the outdoors. There’s a reason so many of us prefer to vacation in locales with outdoor attractions like beaches or lakes. Nature is calming. It relaxes us. So why not bring some nature into our bedrooms to achieve the vacation feelings all year long? If you want to introduce subtle natural infusions, I recommend light wood tones paired with white and lots of greens and blues. Remember to keep those hues on the lighter scale. The idea is to mimic the plants, water, and sky. As always, I pair these accents with simple, neutral bedding foundations to keep the design feeling clean. Here are my recommendations –  

Of course, there are a million different ways to design a relaxing bedroom. So don’t be discouraged if none of these designs speak to you. You can always reach out to receive your personalized design by contacting me at for a free consultation. Full eDesign packages are just $250, making the space you love more affordable than ever! Not ready to commit? No worries. Sign up for my weekly email newsletter for free tips and product recommendations by clicking here


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