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Last week was NY Fashion Week which means Pantone has released their predictions for 2018 Fall / Winter Fashion Color Trends and they are a little surprising. I mean, they’re surprising if you aren’t accustomed to Pantone going a little crazy with every Color Trends Report. For some reason, designers and design bloggers freak out every time a new report is released. I’m not sure what they expected (Khaki? Yep. They did that too on the ‘classics’ report). 

At first glance, these colors are a little, um, difficult to imagine incorporating into my wardrobe and home (Interior Designers tend to consider fashion trends a light sampling of home decor trends to come). But are they really? For instance, my eye immediately wanders to Ceylon Yellow and Quetzal Green (please don’t ask me how to pronounce those words). I recognized this color combination and immediately started digging through my old Pinterest boards for an image I was positive had both of these exact hues. 

courtesy of Better Homes and Gardens
courtesy of Better Homes and Gardens

And I found it! From a 2103 article in Better Homes and Gardens magazine! So if I pinned these two very not neutral colors five years ago, what about the rest of the list? Are they really going to be that difficult to incorporate? And are they really that groundbreaking? Attempting to prove trends lists are overrated, I issued myself a Pinterest Challenge (no, not that Pinterest Challenge, I’m not cool enough to get invited to one of those. yet): My challenge was to scroll through all of my pins – 3,144 pins over 37 different boards from the past decade – to see if I could find at least one photo for each color Pantone predicts is one of the hottest current trends for 2018. Let’s start from the top:

So a couple of the pins were a bit of a stretch (clearly I don’t find inspiration in purple hues), but I feel like I won (my own Pinterest Challenge that is in no way affiliated with The Pinterest Challenge or Pinterest). What about you guys? What do you think about Pantone’s list? Do you think you’ll find an excess of these colors already in your inspiration arsenal? Do you think I’m spending too much time on Pinterest (don’t answer that)?

Happy Pinning! 

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