ORC™: Week Four: Replacing Carpeted Stairs with Hardwood – No Easy Task

replacing carpeted stairs with hardwood


This week was busy and kind of trying. Last week, I was all NEXT WEEK WILL BE BETTER and I was half right. This week has been far more productive because I sent my family away for the weekend so I could focus on the foyer. Last Friday, I hired a company to come install the stairs with hardwood. The appointment was set for Wednesday of this week. Feeling great with that task marked off my list and our brand new hardwoods installed upstairs, I spent the weekend installing trim moulding and painting the two-story foyer.

hallway with new hardwood
hallway with new hardwood
hallway before with carpet
hallway before with carpet

So if you recall, my plan was install the same trim moulding detail from our dining room all the way around the foyer. But I really wanted to paint the door navy blue and I hate the way the navy blue looked with white. So I decided to just install trim on the left and right walls. I got a few strips up and realized it was looking far too busy. I’d have four different colors in this one space. So then I had to remove the trim I’d already installed and patch the holes this created.

removing the moulding I’d just installed :(
removing the moulding I’d just installed 🙁
the mess left behind
the mess left behind

So this basically ate up my entire weekend. But no worries because we were having the stairs done for us, so I had ALL THE TIME IN THE WORLD, right?


Our contractor called Monday morning and told me “Sorry for your luck, but we can’t do it. It’s physically impossible.”
So I cried for a minute. Then I got angry.

You see – this is a pretty common theme in my life. I’ll tell contractors what I want, they’ll promise to deliver, and then start backing away. They’ll either tell me it’s impossible or they’ll just do something entirely different from what I’ve asked them to do. This might be my fault. I don’t think so, though. I’m pretty knowledgeable with home improvement and I’m pretty direct. When I want something, I sketch it out. I explain in detail. I even research beforehand so I know the lingo. Throw my hands up! I have no idea why I’m constantly being frustrated by contractors and their inability to deliver.

So I’m doing it myself.

It’s not easy but it WILL BE DONE dammit
It’s not easy but it WILL BE DONE dammit
diy stairs

Here’s everything else that’s going on. I’ve got a party to host in two days and my house looks like this, so .. basically I gots to go! Back next week with a bigger update!


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Until next week –

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