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Wow. Amazon Sells Furniture and It Does Not Disappoint.

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Amazon Sells Furniture and It Does Not Disappoint.

Did you know that? I had no idea. I mean, of course, I guess in the back of my mind I assumed they did because once I saw a screenshot someone took of a canister of Uranium being sold on Amazon (I don’t remember the price, but I do recall it was cheap because I did consider buying it just to say I did that once). So clearly, Amazon has everything.

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I just hadn’t really given it any real thought until I got a promotional email a few days ago about an extra 15% off furniture purchases for Prime members. So I decided to check it out and YEP they sure have furniture.

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Like most everything else on Amazon, the Furniture section is a disaster. Let’s be honest, unless you go there for a specific product, Amazon is challenging to navigate. There’s just too much. And it’s hard to decipher between what is an advertisement for another website and what is an actual product I can receive if I send them all my money.

(I’m going to stop here and insert just one little note: The exception is the New & Interesting Finds section which is the most browseable portion of the website and everything on it is my favorite)

There is a lot of furniture on that site. A lot a lot. And, like most Amazon pages, a lot of it is garbage. But I did find some really awesome modern pieces, like sofas under $800 –

best modern sofas _ loveseats-2.png

Amazon’s Best Sofas + Loveseats

1.  Modern Reversible Chaise Sectional 80″ in Gray – $800
*additional 15% off coupon applies*

2.  MidCentury Upholstered Wooden Studio Sofa in Gray  – $314

3.  Walnut Wood and Faux Leather Mid Century Sofa  in Brown – $510
**additional 15% off coupon applies**

4. Removable Cushion 92″ Sofa in Cream – $800
**additional 15% off coupon applies**

5.  Modern Tufted Wool Leaveseat in Chocolate Brown – $600

6.  MidCentury Modern Fabric Loveseat in Expectation Gray – $767
**additional 15% off coupon applies**

7.  Scandinavian Style MidCentury Faux Leather 3 Seat Sofa in Dark Brown – $286


I really love that sofa with the chaise! It’s 80″ long. That’s like a real sofa size, you guys. Double check all of the measurements before you order to make sure it’s going to fit your space, but I’m telling you – that’s not a crappy dorm “sofa”. 


And look at these accent pieces I found – 

best modern accent furniture.png

The Best Modern Accent Furniture on Amazon

1. Zebra Series Rich Walnut End Table – $75

2. Faux Leather and Walnut Wood Finish Accent Chair – $75

3.  Modern Wood and Metal Hairpin Leg Console Table – $189

4. Modern Wood and Metal Hairpin Leg Bench – $129

5. Set of Two Walnut and White Nesting End Tables – $72

6. Modern Wood and Metal Hairpin Leg Side Table – $79

7.  Molded Plywood Accent Chair in Green and Walnut – $95

I also pinned some awesome armchairs, but this post has gotten too long. I’m going to come back with some armchair finds and maybe some cool modern decor finds, too. 


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