A Tennessee Christmas Porch: Decorations For Winter That Play Up The Nostalgia
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A Tennessee Christmas Porch: Decorations For Winter That Play Up The Nostalgia

The holiday season is officially upon us and I’m fully decking the halls. My first project of the season has been spreading the Christmas (and generic Winter!) cheer to my neighbors. I achieved Neighborhood Elf Status by decorating our front porch. Today, I’m showing you how to decorate a historic home’s facade for Winter with my Tennessee Christmas theme. It’s really log cabin decor but since I’m a Tennessee gal, humor me. I’ve also joined a group of fantastic bloggers to show off their porch and outdoor holiday decor.

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Outdoor Living Space Revamps: Budget-Friendly Patio + Deck Makeovers You Can DIY

I revealed my patio makeover this week and everyone loved it! To continue the theme of cheap backyard improvements, I’m showing you other people who got whole new outdoor vibe without pulling out the jackhammer or sledgehammer.

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10 Kitchen Cabinet Transformations That Prove An Expensive Kitchen Renovation Isn’t Always Necessary


You guys know I’m never one for long listicles or massively overstated blog titles. So when I tell you that these 10 kitchens are going to persuade you to save your renovation dollars, you might want to listen.


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