The Wayfair Home Stylists Program: That’s Right! I’m Super Official Now

photo by Patrick Sheehan Photography
photo by Patrick Sheehan Photography

“At Wayfair, we believe that everyone should live in a home they love. That’s why we created Wayfair Home Stylists, a community of select interior designers who inspire and guide people to find design schemes and home décor pieces that suit both their style and budget.”

— Wayfair Home Stylists Program

You know those times when you hear good news and you kind of just sit there in silence because you can’t even process it straight away? HOW DID THAT EVEN JUST HAPPEN? Yeah. I had one of those times recently when I opened my Inbox to find the subject line “Congratulations! Welcome to Wayfair Home Stylists!” Talk about total shock. I mean, of course I applied, so I knew this was a teeny tiny possibility in the distant future. When I didn’t hear back straight away, I assumed it meant I’d been denied and they were just too polite to say “Get a life, Teri” or whatever. Instead, I read the following line, which just melted my super sensitive heart, “As one of our official Home Stylists, you serve as a brand ambassador and a tasteful and creative interior designer that we believe shares our vision that everyone should live in a home that they love” TASTEFUL AND CREATIVE INTERIOR DESIGNER. Did you guys read that? I’m literally adding it to my tagline as we speak. 

photo by Patrick Sheehan Photography
photo by Patrick Sheehan Photography

Our Home Stylists are eligible to participate in the following opportunities:

  • Social media exposure from (2.5 million+ Facebook fans)
  • Involvement in exciting campaigns (design challenges, live events, decorating projects, and more)
  • Inclusion in monthly blog roundups
  • Paid promotional placements (Any links in posts written as part of paid placements or about free product must be “nofollowed”)
  • Free product
  • Monthly newsletters with tips, contest information, case studies, etc.
  • Inside scoop on events and happenings

Okay, okay, You get the point. It’s good news for me, but what does it mean for you? Well, that giveaway from last week wouldn’t have happened without this program. So you can look forward to some more of those. It also means that I’ll be able to spend a little more time writing informative blog pieces that actually teach you things because I’ll have a little extra cushion for my own projects. This doesn’t mean that they’re paying me. I’m not on the payroll (yet). It just means that I’ll be able to tackle more projects when I’m not footing 100% of the bill. Also, the extra exposure helps me book more clients which could result in lower rates or more frequent rate discounts. Uh huh. Yep. Cool, right?

I think this is the age-old issue that all bloggers have at some point. They want to strike a balance between working for absolute free and being just a product pusher. So last week I told you all about why I love Wayfair here (and exactly how many purchases I’ve made and returned from them over the years). This week, I want to show you how true it is. So here are my Top Five Favorite Wayfair purchases in my own home. All of these purchases were made pre-Wayfair Home Stylists Program. None were provided for free or in exchange for this review. I purchased them all at full retail price. (Well, except for sales of course)

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my experience with wayfair returns

The following contains affiliate links.  That means I’ll make a small commission if you purchase any of these products.This is separate from the Wayfair Home Stylists Program and does not affect my reviews or opinions stated below. 
For more information regarding affiliate links, please scroll to the bottom of this page for a full explanation.

ABOUT ME-5.png
blue and white trellis rug

I know what I was doing on May 16, 2014. I ordered this rug for our guest room in North Carolina because it says so on my Order History. This rug is 6×9′ which is pretty small for a living space but perfect for our current guest room! It could use a good leaning and occasionally I have to “trim” it a bit where the cats have picked at it. But for the most part, this rug has been a trooper. My only complaint? Navy is not an accurate color description. This definitely leans toward Indigo. Of course, it’s sold out. But here are a few similar options I think you’ll love:

photo by Patrick Sheehan Photography
photo by Patrick Sheehan Photography

I am pretty obsessed with these sconces I ordered for our dining room during the Spring 2018 One Room Challenge™ season. They’re so simple and yet make a huge statement on this wall. They even hold their own against what is clearly the most beautiful painting anyone has ever painted. Good news for you – they’re still available and as of this posting, THEY’RE ON SALE. I’ve also rounded up a few similar sconces in case this one sells out. Because, you guys, I’m a trendsetter. 

modern whimsical wallpaper.jpg

If you follow me on Instagram, you know I’m heavily into this wallpaper I installed on my office bookcase. It’s elevated the entire space and I just absolutely love it. You may be surprised to learn that this entire project took less than three hours and is, in my opinion, the best thing I’ve done in my current home. It was also less than $100! Yeah. So, probably just go ahead and get you some wallpaper, girl. 

powder room with navy palm leaf wallpaper

Ha! I got you! You thought I was going to go on and on about this wallpaper again, didn’t you??? Well, I’m full of surprises! The truth is, this wallpaper is pretty stunning on its own but the combination of the wallpaper and the mirror just goes to a whole new level. My mother-in-law has confessed that she thought this wallpaper was atrocious when she saw it in photos. But then she visited and saw it paired with the mirror and fell in love. It’s cool, Peggy. No one trusts my designs until they’re complete. Then they cry at the reveal. I’m used to it. Anyway, it’s still available and there are a ton of other similar styles now too. Look!

white kitchen with colorful accents

Following me on Instagram is how you get all the fun Behind the Scenes info (I’m basically addicted to Stories). So if you do, then you probably saw my complete freakout when this table came back into stock. I’ve wanted a very similar table from a more expensive company for a decade. Then I saw this one and filed it in my brain for my current kitchen. The problem? It was out of stock. And it remained out of stock for a very long time. So imagine my surprise when I got an email that informed me it was back. I ordered it straight away. So here’s the weird part – 1. It says “Off-White” but I think this is really very white. The original from Pottery Barn is a true cream. This is WHITE. 2. I recall some of the reviews saying it wasn’t sturdy. So I really braced myself when we got it assembled (which, by the way, was pretty easy). However, I had no reason to be concerned. It’s solid and strong. My kid is a monster at the table and has been known to knock over the table multiple times in one meal. But this one? Never budges. I really do love it. I store our daily plates, bowls, and cups on the top shelf and our paper/party supplies in the basket. It’s freed up a ton of cabinet space and looks really cute. Unfortunately, it’s Out of Stock AGAIN. But, you can sign up for emails and they’ll let you know when you can order it. The arrival date is approximately 9/5/18. That’s not too bad. But in case you don’t want to wait, here are a few similar tables. 

This is the table I have.
This is the table I have.

Remember that I told you all last week that I’d initiated a return because I received a product that I didn’t like? Well, that product was a ceramic stool and it arrived in perfect condition EXCEPT it looked nothing like the picture. I mean, yes it was a stool and it had the same pattern but the finish was totally off. So I ordered this stool, expecting it to come with a lot of brown glazing. Because, you know, the photo shows a ton of brown glazing. 

Zolan Garden Stool.jpg

Instead, it arrived and was completely white. So I called Customer Support and explained the issue. They immediately sent me a replacement stool. Unfortunately, it was also completely white. So I called them back and said “Yeah, guys, this stool just doesn’t look anything like your pictures” and they apologized and refunded my money. So that’s how I accidentally got two of these stools ( sort of ) for  free. It also looks like they’ve since added this photo, which is a way more accurate depiction of the true color. Also, cute room. 


But now as I’m looking at the product page, I see that there’s an orange option and I think I might paint one of mine orange to match my West Elm stool. Look – 

Cute, right?!

Of course.That statement above about everyone loving their home. That’s like my whole life’s mission. I agree with them 100%. And I order from Wayfair all the time. Last month, I ordered TWO rugs for the pink bathroom. Here’s the winner & runner up (hahaha get it??? runner)-

And just the other day, I ordered three rolls of this wallpaper after seeing how beautiful it looked in a client’s space – 


So, yes, I’m a fan. I’ll continue to order from and support Wayfair. Now there’s just a nice little benefit to all of us. It doesn’t change my opinion. I’m very opinionated. That’s going to be hard to change.



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