Holiday Gift Guide 2018: Gifts for Pampering a Cozy Homebody

gifts that pamper

I’m back with another round of interest-based gift guides. Today, I’m exploring some great gifts for the homebody. You know the type – just wants to snuggle on the sofa and hydrate their skin? Yep. That can be me about once a month. These are all items I own and I highly recommend them!

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gifts under $50 for the cozy homebody

I bought these to give as gifts last year and I ended up keeping one for myself after I saw what great quality they were. I seriously love these throws! They come in an array of colors and patterns and are so warm!

About two weeks into Fall, I tend to develop a chill that won’t go away until Spring. These throws keep me warm and toasty through all of it. Soft and plush but not so heavy that you find yourself getting trapped under the weight of them, these are the perfect blanket for a lazy afternoon or Netflix binge.

gifts for pampering

I’m not typically the type of person who buys every new beauty product and gadget on the market. I usually roll my eyes when a product promises some miracle relief from aging or just plain looking like crap. But this one sold me. I know. I’m so gullible.

The thing is – I actually don’t care if I have wrinkles. I just wanted relief from a puffy face. Mostly, puffy eyes. I spend a lot of time staring at a screen and my eyes get so tired by the end of the day. So when I read the reviews on these jade rollers that said it helped reduce puffiness AND FELT AMAZING, I was all Sign me the eff up!

I’m glad I bought into the hype because I actually enjoy using this. I lather on coconut oil every morning to reduce dryness (here’s the kind I use and love because it smells great and is super cheap). Then I take my roller and spend five minutes rolling every nook and cranny on my face until I the oil has absorbed. It’s cool and refreshing on my skin and the bonus board that comes with it feels great on my feet (don’t know if you’re supposed to use it on your feet, but hey, it works).

This is a really nice stocking stuffer that seems like it costs more than it does.

skincare stocking stuffer ideas

On the subject of cheap skincare, this lotion is my one item I’d take to the deserted island. I’m allergic to everything, so I usually can’t use store-bought products without breaking out in hives, but this baby is naturally good to me. My skin is notoriously dry (especially my hands), so I keep a bottle of this in every room of my house plus my car. It keeps my hands from drying out and my back from itching. Two thumbs up. Five stars. Put it in every stocking.

meditation book for people who think meditation is a complete waste of time

I have a wicked case of Generalized Anxiety Disorder and while meds help, I can never really calm my brain. Christine was recently told she needed to start meditating or she’s going to end up having a heart attack from stress.

We’re a crazed duo. We need to relax.

I bought this for her (us?) for Christmas and I can’t wait to give it to her. Technically, I’ve already read it and it’s the perfect gift for someone who thinks meditating is a load of BS but who really needs to meditate so her heart doesn’t beat out of her chest. It’s funny and insightful. Not so woo-woo that you can’t take it seriously but also not such a joke that you ignore it entirely.

I give it 2 Valiums and call me in the morning.

Here’s another good stocking stuffer for you! I’ve always though sleep masks were for trust fund kids. But then I started getting headaches that are worsened by light.

Now I wear this basic sleep mask every time my head hits the pillow and I’ve found my headaches fade faster and I sleep more soundly than before.

It contours to my face but doesn’t put too much pressure on my eyes, which is a good thing when the migraines hit. It’s super no-frills, so even men would wear it, but it does come in other colors in case you want to spice things up.


When I finally do have a chance to sit down and relax, I like to grab whatever reading material is nearby and quickly dive into the pretty pictures and words before I’m interrupted again.

This book has been on my coffee table for a solid year and I still can’t get enough of it.

If someone on your list loves pretty homes and high-end design ideas, this is the book for them!


This may seem like a weird gift, but it’s one of my favorite items in my home. You can fill it with ice or warm water and it’s an instant relief from pain. I like to put some cool water in it and lounge while it decreases my eye puffiness but I find the warm water works best for my aches. Christine prefers ice water for her headaches. To each her own.

They’re all super cute though. We currently own the monkey pattern and it’s so fun that even our daughter will sit still while we ice her boo-boos.

Even though I’m allergic to everything and my entire life sucks, I still enjoy a good old fashioned spa night every once in a while. The peel-off masks are my favorite because they remind me of my teenage years and there’s something rewarding about the sensation of peeling it off. The clay masks are great for removing dead skin cells, which feels pretty rewarding when your face is all soft.

The travel-sized ones make really good stocking stuffers too.

If you don’t already own a pair of dearfoams, get with it. These are hands-down the best house shoes / slippers ever. They feature hard soles so you can run out to check the mail in them and the interiors are so cozy! My favorite part? The styles are classic and they last forever. I tend to switch mine out every year, but I still keep the old ones to pass on to guests. And they’re machine washable, so you don’t have to worry if they get a little dirty.

Candles will never get old for me but I’ll admit that I do rely more and more on these diffusers every single day. The mist makes me smile, lifts my mood, and makes me home smell fantastic! These are my favorite brand (after trying several from Amazon that didn’t work for very long). I keep one beside my bed, one in my daughter’s room, and one in my office. This Refreshing oil mix is my favorite everyday scent, too. It makes the house smell clean and clears my sinuses. I’m also about to buy another one for my meditation room. Hold on just a sec while I check out, since they’re on sale and I have Kohl’s Cash. ; )


family pjs.jpg

Okay. I just restocked my oils and now I’m ready to tell you about the other items I rely on Kohl’s for every single year: Family Coordinated PJs. We buy these every Christmas for Chuck and my mother-in-law and I love that the nightgown we get for Chuck has a matching doll’s nightgown.

Corny? Yes.

But also precious.

So no matter how many cute diffusers you get, nothing will ever replace the mystique of a glowing candle. These three are my favorites. I know they’re cheap and not really fancy, but the smells are amazing! Nothing too overwhelming and the glass jars aren’t too unattractive on the counter.

If you’re looking for something fancier, this one is my current favorite splurge candle;

candle 4.jpg

Or you could gift a one-of-a-kind candle from my shop;



Nothing is cozier than sweaters, right? These are my current favorite. The top 3 are all currently on clearance, so act fast!

Christine has the ribbed hoodie and I love it so much that I actually just purchased the llama sweater for my niece who prefers androgynous attire. I actually want one for myself. So classic and adorable!


I live in workout clothes. These running pants are my favorite because they have pockets and they’re comfy af!


I’m currently wearing these joggers. No, they’re not the ones with the sequins (those were discontinued, to my utter disdain). These are simple and so affordable. They’re also very soft on the skin, warm but not heavy, and the cuffed ankle keeps cold air off my legs. Plus, they have pockets which I think we can all agree is a must-have. I’m a fan.

I love tea and coffee and honey.. all those simple little pleasures that make life more relaxing but don’t really cost much.

Truth in marketing – I technically don’t own the tea kettle you see here. But it is the updated version of the one I do own, which has been discontinued, and it has all the same features.

Also, I have this honey pot in white but it appears to be out of stock everywhere, except in yellow. I think the yellow is precious, so I decided to include it.

Once every couple of years, I allow myself to wander into L’Occitane and purchase one item. It’s a real luxury for me and I’ve been doing it since I was in my 20s. Even now that I can technically afford to shop there more frequently, I still keep my distance because I want it to remain a luxury and not a commodity.

These are my two current favorite items I have from there. Since I only use them sparingly, these bottles last me an average of THREE YEARS!

The pillow spray has a lavender and chamomile scent and is so pure that it doesn’t cause my skin any irritation. The Supple Skin Oil is naturally almond scented and is pure heaven to apply. When I use it, I catch myself smelling it all day and it makes me so happy.

If there’s a person on your list who deserves a special treat, this is for them. It’s pure luxury in a bottle.

I also adore these French milled soaps (Linden is my favorite) and have been known to just keep them stored in an apothecary jar in the bathroom so I can lift the lid and smell them whenever I want. I know I’m a lunatic. You don’t have to tell me.

I buy at least three new pairs of cozy fuzzy socks for my sister every year. She’s a homebody and she loves them. These are her favorite because she says they stay nice and fluffy even after a million washes.

Since I didn’t have the traditional collegiate experience, I didn’t happen to have a pair of these lying around my closet. Wink. After a decade of back-and-forth, I finally bought myself a pair of these lined boots last year and HOLY WOW I’m so glad I did. Last Winter was harsh. I barely wanted to leave the house. But sometimes you have to get out in public. These boots let me carry the coziness with me wherever I go.

lavender body scrub DIY Christmas gift ideas

Here’s a gift you can make yourself and really impress your loved ones. I use this in the shower about once a week to keep dry skin at bay and I’ve given these as gifts for years. The scent of lavender mixes with the coconut for a really pleasant treat!

Here are the supplies I use (click to purchase directly):

I make these in bulk which keeps costs low. I originally purchased these containers three years ago and haven’t had to restock since. In fact, I’m still using the original bag of lavender buds and epsom salt as well!

1 cup epsom salt
1/2 cup lavender buds
2 cups coconut oil

Blend all together in a large bowl. Divide into small cups. SO EASY!

Screen Shot 2018-11-29 at 10.15.37 AM.jpg

Since we’re always so busy and go go going, we tend to forget to take quiet moments to restore ourselves. I like to capture these gifting opportunities to remind my loved ones to slow down and take it easy. A gift that pampers is a great way to do that without shouting Sit down before you lose your mind! at them.

Happy Holidays!


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