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Modern Bedroom + Bathroom Paint, Flooring, and Trim Details: Spring 2021 ORC Week Two

ORC Week Two Spring 2021

Welcome back! Ready to see what this space looks like with some trim, flooring, and a little paint? Good news! I’ve got pictures! But first, you should get caught up on the background of this room in my One Room Challenge Week One post if you haven’t already. Just click the photo below and come back when you’re done. I’ll wait.

ORC Week One

Okay great. Now you’re all caught up. That was a real doozy, right?! A tornado! A pandemic! A near-mental breakdown! It’s the kind of stuff reality TV shows want you to believe really happens but you don’t believe it and then it does happen to someone and you’re like Is this real life?

It’s also the kind of stuff that can really distract you from doing things like caulking your trim or installing the wallpaper you bought for the project. And that’s why we’re all here. See? Full circle.

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Now let’s get to business! Here’s the room(s):


Upstairs Dormer Bedroom with Vaulted Ceiling's

Imagine you’re standing directly in my bedroom door like that peacock was in last week’s post. This is the view layed out in front of you. Except that most days, I try to keep the garage door closed so you don’t see how much stuff I’m hoarding in there directly out the bedroom window.

Directly in front of you, we chose to add two giant windows to really frame the view (I can see the Batman Building from my house!) and bring as much light into the space as possible.

This is the south side of the house, so all the sun hangs out here. It’s also painted black on the exterior so you may be concerned about how hot this space gets in the summer. But you don’t need to be because remember we added spray foam insulation to the entire house during the rebuild. If you missed that, no worries. It was covered the first time I tried to finish this bedroom for a One Room Challenge. More on that here: Previous ORC Projects

Sloped Ceiling Upstairs Bedroom

Now imagine you shift your body 45 degrees to the left. You’re looking at the third window in this 11×14’ bedroom because I believe in natural light more than I believe in aliens. And I definitely believe in aliens.

This window is special because it’s one of the original windows from our 1920s home. During the rebuild, we had to remove some of the windows from certain rooms to meet Building Codes Standards but I tried to reuse as many of them as possible in order to bring some old charm into this new part of the house.

It’s also special because, since it doesn’t open and close, I could frame it like a piece of artwork. And that’s exactly what I did.

modified window trim - picture window

It’s a real play on a picture window! Get it?! I love the look of a black gallery frame against a white mat so I brought that vibe into the space by adding this frame design to the window that will be directly over our bed.

For privacy, since I don’t ever want to cover this window with blinds or curtains, I made sure to specify to the builders that the window needed to be at least four feet off the ground. With a window that high, no one will see us when we’re getting dressed or watching alien conspiracy documentaries in the dark so we can have real weird dreams.

bathroom unfinished

Now I’ve invited you into the bedroom (platonically) and you’re standing ten feet in front of the bedroom door, shifted 45 degrees to your right. That’s my bathroom! Unlike the bedroom, it’s really big (for a bathroom)! You can get a better perspective with these original design plans:

bedroom bathroom plans

The bathroom is the room with the bathtub and toilet in it, for perspective.

Since I knew I couldn’t have a super deep bedroom, I didn’t want to have a really wide bedroom either. For two reasons; 1. Long rooms are a real challenge to furnish, and 2. I always knew I wanted my bed on the east-facing wall because a bed positioned under the lowest slope in the ceiling would give the physical sensation of falling backwards and I’m terrified of heights.

I also don’t think huge bedrooms really serve anyone. For us, the bedroom is a place for privacy (Hello, Entire World Reading This Right Now, I do see the irony in that statement!). So we don’t need a lot of space in our bedrooms. In fact, we’ve had bedrooms of varying sizes and the smallest rooms have always provided the most comfort and least square footage to dust and vacuum.

Bathrooms on the other hand? Bathrooms really need to be big to be luxurious. I like a wide shower and a soaker tub and a big vanity with a lot of storage. Just imagine it… rain shower head… a steamy room… some candles lit… It’s luxury at its finest.


Large Bathroom

Unfortunately, that’s not the bathroom you’re going to see this go-round. Because this bathroom was built big in order to accommodate a dream bathroom that we currently don’t have the funds nor the lifestyle to justify.

As of right now, our daughter still requires assistance in her nightly routine. And I don’t want to bathe a child in a soaker tub. Nor do I want my six year-old killing the vibe in my glass door steam shower when she runs through to use the toilet.

For now, this is a family bathroom so we’re building it with inexpensive – and sturdy – products that will be easier to remove when it’s time for us to finally kick her to the downstairs bathroom and get the bathroom of our dreams. We’re happy with the vinyl tub/shower combo at this stage.

Now let’s shift your body 360 degrees and let’s go back into the bedroom.

bathroom bedroom plans

Look past the black paint I know you’re eyeballing and inch forward a tad. We’ll get there in a minute, I promise.

bedroom drywall

From the bathroom door, you can see the closet wall directly in front of you. See that doorway opening? that leads into the small and mighty closet.

The original plans called for a much bigger closet and an accompanying hall closet to be built but as construction progressed and we realized we were going to be moving up here, we had to trim down the original closet and say goodbye to the hall closet to make space in this room for a king sized bed. I require a king. Oh the irony.


closet in a principal bedroom

Two women share this really small closet. Two women with a large shoe collection. We have to do better.

closet makeover before

Right now, it’s housing two Ikea dressers which will be the base for a nice built-in closet. We tore up the closet because we’d asked our contractors to leave this room empty in order to accommodate a custom closet but they didn’t listen and added unfunctional closet shelves we didn’t want nor need.

So we’re in the process of ripping out the MDF shelving to make way for a more custom solution that will actually suit our needs. For now, just remember – shoe storage. We need shoe storage. Shoes and blazers are important pieces of our collection.


The two most common questions I am asked about our house are; 1. What’s that paint color? and 2. How big is that base trim? So I figured I could help everything by answering both of those questions upfront. For every black wall you see in my house, I’ve used Black Magic by Sherwin Williams. Every white wall and piece of trim is Pure White by Sherwin Williams.

By carrying the same colors and trim styles throughout the home, I’ve created a cohesive look. My daughter’s room is vibrant and a little wild! She’s five and she’s vibrant and a little wild. So it should be reflective of her.

modern kids bedroom

Because we’ve continued a similar style – modern color blocking – and the same basic paint colors into her room, the house still flows together. Our style is modern. It wouldn’t make sense to have one room that feels Romantic Victorian in this house. It would feel out of place.

While the downstairs trim was pieced together with the remaining bits of historic moulding we could salvage, I didn’t want to try to mimic the look of 100 year-old wood trim upstairs. It wouldn’t have felt authentic to the addition. Instead, I opted to modify the existing downstairs trim profile, which is Craftman, with a more modern squared-edge crosshead cap (the part that is installed across the tops of the windows and doors).

If you want a similar look, here are the measurements for each piece you’ll need:

You may notice something is missing at the baseboards. We opted to keep the entire house feeling more modern and fresh by foregoing quarter round trim! Did you know you can do that?! You can as long as you are installing brand new floors and tell your contractor before you have the flooring installed. That way, the flooring butts directly up to the drywall and there’s no gap that needs to be concealed by quarter round.

modern trim with old house doors

Lastly, because I’m sentimental, I did want to bring back as many of the original details of this house that I could. So I worked hard stripping and repairing every single historic door we had in the original house. I found creative ways to reuse them all.

Our bedroom door is an old French door from the living room. The glass was frosted with a glass frosting paint. We have the same amount of privacy that a solid wood door would offer and get the benefits of natural light filtering into the hallway when the door is closed.


modern black bedroom

If you follow designers in magazines or on Instagram, you’ve probably seen a lot of very dark and romantic rooms the past couple years.

We didn’t want that look. We did want a black bedroom (my wife was a teenage goth) but we wanted to make it feel more like us. And we just aren’t frilly in our tastes. We like crispness and a touch of fun without the whimsy.

To keep this black room feeling modern and fresh, we opted to paint all the trim white (see paint colors above). This gives the effect of color-blocking and breaking up the space a little to allow for additional colors to be used.

Above, you see the bedroom on the day we moved in. Everything is in place to make this room feel modern and fun. Now all we need are the finishing details.

I’ll be back next week to show you the final design concept for this space. In the meantime, please go check out the One Room Challenge and find some new designers to inspire you. Once again, you can see the full list of participating designers here.


Until then, stay safe and sane.



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