Product Spotlight: Five Things That Have Made Running A Side Hustle A Little Easier

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A note about the Product Spotlight Series: Each month, I’ll select a product (or combination of products) that I use in my daily life that has made me happy. The links in these post are sometimes affiliated (and sometimes not). This means that I may receive a small commission on any direct sales from the post. While I do appreciate your purchasing a product directly from my links (because it helps me cover the overhead costs of running this blog), the intention of these posts is to share my favorite items.  All of the opinions are my own and have not been influenced by any potential sponsorships or affiliations. 

I’m old. Okay, so mid-thirties isn’t exactly geriatric. But I have been feeling a lot more my age now that I’ve started my own business and am running a side hustle (as the kids are calling it these days). Managing two full-time jobs whilst trying to be a good wife and mother is exhausting. It’s hard to find the energey to complete all the tasks that line up for me everyday. I have figured out how to maintain my sanity, in the midst of all the chaos. Here are five products that have helped with that. Some of these links are affiliated, which means I may received a small commission. 

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Get yourself some cute tennis shoes.
Mine are from Gap and they’re discontinued. But the trick is to find a pair of shoes that is neutral enough to wear with just about anything while also being fashionable enough to translate to a casual cool professional look when necessary. I might start my days by sourcing for one client, requiring lots of dodging in and out of stores and then meet a client for lunch. I definitely don’t want to show up to see a client in my Under Armour runners. Heels are preferable, but not I just can’t get as much done when I’m clanking around in my 3 inches. I love these. And they’re all under $50. 

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Keep yourself energized with healthy snacks. 
When I’m busy, I often forget to eat. Around 3:00 pm everyday, I find myself feeling sluggish and a little nauseated. This is a sign of low blood sugar and malnutrition. My body is tapping into energy reserves and there just isn’t anything there. So I’m shutting down. At that point, I just want to grab a Snickers bar. Of course, those commercials are spot-on. If you’re feeling depleted, an instant rush of sugar will energize you while the peanuts will satiate you. Living on candy bars is no way to maintain your health (says my doctor, what a killjoy!) So I’ve found that if I keep a pantry filled with more nutritious grab-and-go items, I’m more likely to actually eat. I love dehydrated fruits and nuts. Here are my favorites.  

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Put your snacks in pretty jars or canisters so you will display them (and not forget to grab some on the run). 
What good is having a bunch of healthy snacks if you always forget they’re in your kitchen? I keep two canisters on my counter with the biggest bang-for-my-buck energy sources: almonds and dried dates (dates taste like chocolate and caramel, for the win!) I also keep a jar of almonds on my desk so I can easily grab sometime to munch on without having to stop what I’m doing for a trip to the kitchen. My canisters are from TJ Maxx and I can’t find them online, but here are some great affordable options. 

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Splash some water on your face and WAKE UP. 
Some days, no amount of snacking is going to get me going. I’m just tired. My face shows it. My eyes show it. This isn’t the look I want to present to clients. Now, I’m like the last person any of my friends would ever expect to be recommending beauty products online. In fact, I buy forego makeup unless I’m on film and buy that makeup at a discount store. However, I read a review of face mists and then just happened to see this one at Home Goods the next day. It was $15, so I figured I’d give it a try and if it was crap, I’d toss it in a bin for my friends to rummage through later. Unfortunately for them, it never hit the bin because IT IS GLORIOUS. This mist can wake me up instantly. It also makes my face look dewy and feel supple. I spray it on every time I get that tired, sad, droopy puppy dog eye feeling. It sprays on lightly and then dries pretty quick, leaving me feeling refreshed. I can’t find this brand online, but here are some on Amazon with great reviews. 


Get a good night’s sleep. 
I’m an insomniac in my nature. I never even slept as a child. Surviving the day without more than two hours of sleep may be possible if your day is eight hours long. When you’ve got eighteen hours worth of work to accomplish between each sun cycle, it’s necessary to fall asleep quickly and sleep soundly. I’ve tried everything. My body would adjust to melatonin supplements, requiring higher and higher doses over time. Prescription and OTC sleep medicine left me feeling groggy the entire day. Then I started sleeping with an essential oil diffuser. It has changed the way I sleep. I turn it on half an hour before I plan to tuck in and allow it to turn itself off after three hours. I used lavendar essential oils and when I’m feeling especially sluggish, or sick, I add eucalyptus and mint. I also keep one on my desk and use eucalyptus, lemongrass, and orange essential oils during the day. These help to keep me energized during that afternoon slump. Here are my favorites. 


You need a personal assistant. 
But who can afford one? So let’s go with the next best thing. Start letting other people do things for you. I always thought it was extremely decadent of people to use shopping services. It just seemed like such a waste of money. And then my whole family got the flu. We needed groceries, but we couldn’t make it to the store. A friend suggested Shipt and I haven’t been to the grocery store for months. There’s definitely an upcharge. And a monthly service fee. And a tip for your shopper to consider. But after the first month we used it, we compared the money we’d spend on groceries for the two months prior and realized we’d saved over $200! By not going to the store, we weren’t tempted to make any impulse purchases (I’m a sucker for a $15 magazine in the checkout lane). We didn’t end up coming home with a pantry full of junk food either. We were eating healthier and wasting less. 

Still not convinced? No problem. Here’s $10 in free groceries to try it out. 

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I hope these products help you in achieving your goals. Hit COMMENT below and let me know what products / tips you’ve got for running an optimal side hustle. Can’t wait to try them out!


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  1. Nice tips. Thank you. I LOVE the food shopping delivery by us. I also never do my big shopping anymore and no longer buy things I don’t need.

    1. Thanks, Rachel! Grocery delivery has completely changed my life. A year ago, I would have balked at the idea of paying someone else to shop for me. Now it feels like a necessity! xoxo

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