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Subtle Fall Living Room Updates For A Big Impact

fall home decorating tips for people who don't like farmhouse style


How To Decorate For Fall – I recently asked people on Instagram if they decorate for Fall and the response was surprising. About a third of the responders said they never decorate for Fall. A few people even reached out to me to say that they want to, but their style isn’t Farmhouse and warm colors don’t necessarily match their existing decor.

It seems like people mostly assume Fall is a style and they don’t want to commit to a complete overhaul of their spaces for just a couple of months’ impact. I totally get it. I wouldn’t do that either! So instead, I’m showing you how I’ve updated my own living room with autumnal touches that stay true to my own style. The impact is the same (some might even say better) but the effort is minimal.

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blue and white chinoiserie mantel for Fall


If you have a fireplace, Fall and Winter are the times you want to let it shine. Of course, you could just start a fire, but I like to really add some touches that make a big impact here. Where I might make this mantel feel more minimal in the warmer months, I like to overload it with shiny and beautiful objects that give it a little extra shimmer.

easy fall home decorating with blue accents

Here, I’ve added two chrome sconces that will pick up on the firelight at night and exude shine during the day. I’ve also added a vertical mirror that towers over the adjacent television. The trick here is to make the mantel the first thing you see. The mirror draws your eye upward and then the horizontal display allows your eye to settle.

Your additions don’t have to be pumpkins and gourds. I’ve actually chosen to display a collection of my favorite antiques and ceramics to make a big impact.

Fall home decor updates


Sure, Fall decor is meant to feel warm and cozy, but that doesn’t mean you need to buy a bunch of pumpkins or fake orange leaves. You can achieve the same warmth by embracing your existing wood finishes.

This is my everyday coffee table (it’s been through a lot, can you tell?). Typically, the tone of the wood might appear dark and a little cold. I’ve enhanced the underlying warm tones by adding lighter, warmer wood pieces that pull the orange and red hues. The added bonus here is that blue is my standard accent color and it happens to look lovely when paired with red or orange tones.


There’s just something about Fall that makes me want to gather pine cones and acorns. Maybe I’m part squirrel. Or maybe I’m just a nature hoarder in general. Both are likely true.

Once Summer ends, I tend to pull back on the coastal accents that I display but I never fully dispose of them. After all, the beach still exists even when the temperatures drop. I leave my favorite shells on display and encourage and overall natural feel by adding pine cones, nuts, and miscellaneous wood items to the mix.


The opposite can be done in the Summer months too! The trick is to allow the current season’s natural offerings to take the main stage. If 85% of your decor matches the season, the aesthetic is achieved but will never feel overwhelming. So add some pine cones but feel free to keep your shells on display as well.

neutral fall living room decor on a budget


I don’t mean you should be recycling or turning off all your electronics (though, you should). I simply mean that you can decorate with greenery instead of florals right now.

In fact, I happen to think of Fall as the Season of Sage. That muted green tone makes me so happy and it perfectly accents warm wood.

So buy some filler foliage at your grocer (which is way less expensive than florals anyway) and layer these tones of green to create impact.

fall home decor updates


Ordinarily when a designer tells you to edit, she’s telling you to declutter a space. That may be in line for you too, but it’s not really what I mean in this instance.

I’m actually referring to visual clutter. By that, I mean you should cut back on the number of colors, prints, and contrasts within a plane of sight. I achieved this trick by swapping out my pillow covers.

The accent pillows I’ve been using for Summer were bright and bold but I really wanted to downplay the pillows for Fall and Winter. Instead of adding a ton of contrasting colors, I opted to use white decorative accent pillows and a subtle blue pattern that plays well off my existing sofa but doesn’t distract.

fall living room updates

Finding a plain white pillow cover is no easy task. Luckily, Chloe & Olive have your back. The Maisy pillow cover is made of thick white cotton in a basketweave pattern that adds a subtle visual interest.

Obviously, I didn’t want to ignore the other colors and style throughout the room, so I did accent the white with a very subtle blue bamboo patterned cover.

bamboo in blue home decor that adds modern chinoiserie style

Truthfully, I’m enamored with this pillow cover. Constructed with a Sarah Richardson for Kravet fabric, I think it might actually be my favorite pattern on the planet.

You can tell because I’ve now used it in two of my rooms. It looks as beautiful in my living room as it does in my guest bedroom. It’s genuinely stunning and you can get it here.

chinoiserie style throw pillows in blue and white

I also added a navy blue pillow cover which I’ve had for a decade. You, however, can achieve a similar look with the Maisy Navy blue pillow cover.

blue and white home decor for fall and winter

I’m really loving these little updates! In fact, we’re entertaining this week and my mother-in-law has already raved about how beautiful the room looks! If you can get your mother-in-law to like it, you know it must be good!

I’d like to extend a giant SPECIAL THANKS to Chloe & Olive who sponsored my home updates this month. I’ve loved working with them and it’s been so easy and fun incorporating their pillow covers into my decor. They have a range of styles available and every single one is as beautiful as the one before.

You should go check them out here.



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