Fall Home Decor Ideas + Projects for Historic Homes
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Fall Home Decor Ideas + Projects for Historic Homes

Now that we’re officially in the Fall Season here in the United States, I’m ready to prepare my home for colder weather with a cozy revamp. To inspire you to make your historic (or maybe just older?) home feel more like Autumn in the Northeast, I’m showing you 10 of my favorite DIY decor projects for Fall.

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Decorating With Modern Schoolhouse Style: Budget Friendly Wall Storage with A Vintage Industrial Look

Now that we’ve settled into our new house and most of the moving boxes have been unpacked, I’m getting the itch to decorate all the spaces. Unfortunately, we’re lacking two of the main requirements for a full-scale home redesign: time and money. But that’s okay because I brainstormed and developed a plan to decorate and organize the dining room / entryway with a very affordable budget. How’d I do it? DIY, of course. Here’s what I did …

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Outdoor Living Space Revamps: Budget-Friendly Patio + Deck Makeovers You Can DIY

I revealed my patio makeover this week and everyone loved it! To continue the theme of cheap backyard improvements, I’m showing you other people who got whole new outdoor vibe without pulling out the jackhammer or sledgehammer.

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Serena & Lily Inspired Console Table: Build It Cheaper Than You Can Buy It

I really wanted the Blake Raffia Console table from Serena & Lily but at $1200, it was way out of our budget. So I DIYed my own version for just $150 and was able to customize the dimensions so it fits perfectly in my foyer. Here’s how I got the look …


4 Quick Staging Techniques You Can Implement to Sell Your Home Fast

Our suburban home’s remodel is complete and now it’s time to list it! Before we start accepting potential buyers into our houses, there are five things I always want to make sure I do. These are techniques I’ve used over the past decade to make sure my homes – the ones I’m actually living in – hit the real estate market with gusto and sell within a few days. Today, I’m sharing those techniques with you so you can implement them in your own homes. Don’t worry. You don’t have to completely redecorate to make your home appealing to buyers. These are easy and manageable on any budget! …

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Our Suburban Home’s 10 Year Plan: The Big Changes We’d Make If We Weren’t Moving

As real estate investors, we move a lot and we almost never complete every single project on our To Do List before our homes get listed. I still think it’s fun to look back on the big plans we have for our home’s remodels and how we’ve actually solved each little issue instead (if at all) …

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Don’t Replace Your Furniture. Update It Instead! ORC Bonus Room Makeover Week Five


Today, I’m showing you a few handy tricks I’m using to pull this room together without spending much money. A little ingenuity goes a long way.

It’s Week 4 of the Spring 2019 One Room Challenge™ and our bonus room-turned family media room is just about complete …