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How To Hang Wallpaper Like A Pro Video Tutorial + My Favorite Budget Wallpaper
I’m a huge fan of wallpaper. I know it can feel dated sometimes and I still know plenty of people who are worried about the challenges of removal. But to me, nothing screams This home was professionally decorated! like wallpaper and custom drapes.

The process of installing wallpaper can be incredibly intimidating so I’ve included a video tutorial to guide you. I promise it’s fun and It’s actually somehow way less painstaking than painting a whole room. No second coat! Talk about instant gratification!

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Planning Your Wallpaper Budget

Wallpaper costs can skyrocket! Calculations for square footage can be confusing.

For this reason, I tend to stick to the general guideline of anything under $2 a square foot is affordable. Anything under $1.50 a square foot is a budget. Anything under $1 a square foot is a bargain!

Of course, I might splurge on a more expensive paper if I only need one roll for my application. For instance, the wallpaper I used in my powder room was a little pricey but I only applied it on one wall to save costs. Here’s that post: My $500 Powder Room Makeover Reveal – How To Make a Small Bathroom Feel Bigger

Confused about how to calculate square footage for wallpaper? It’s different from square footage of a room. Use this calculator from Wallpaper Direct. It’s the most comprehensive one I’ve seen. 

original artwork by Kelly G. Chelena
original artwork by Kelly G. Chelena

My Favorite Budget-Friendly Wallpapers

Here are my top 20 Favorite wallpapers. These vary in price but all are in the affordable range.

Once you’ve picked your favorite wallpaper and ordered the quantity you need, scroll down for my tutorial. 

navy stripe wallpaper



Video Tutorial: Hanging Wallpaper Like A Pro

Hanging Wallpaper Like A Pro: Summary of Video

If you can’t watch the video right now, here’s the gist:

Use proper tools.
Wallpaper Smoothing Tool
Wallpaper Glue
Paint Roller Kit
Painter’s Tape

Start at the seam. 
Don’t apply the whole sheet at once. Only apply the first three inches around the seam and apply as close to the last sheet as possible. 

Don’t cut corners.
Layout your pattern so you never have a seam in a corner, as this will cause additional stress and the seam will peel more easily over time. 

So that’s basically it. Although, I recommend you watch the video for 1. laughs and 2. more in-depth information. 





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