Fall Home Decor Updates: Easiest Instant Refresh

fall home decor updates

This post is sponsored by Chloe & Olive. All opinions are my own.


I showed you all last week how easily I was able to update my guest room with a little paint, some $10 drop cloths, and new throw pillow covers. Those were the only decorative accents I introduced to that room and it looked like an entirely new space, right?

blue bedroom decor

It’s amazing to me how much of a difference fabric accents can make in the room. I love how quickly just swapping out pillow covers can change the entire look. Since we’re all thinking about the updates we’d like to do in our homes to change with the season, I’ve teamed up with my favorite pillow cover makers to show you 20 gorgeous options that will add that instant personality update to your space. Chloe & Olive have even agreed to offer a special discount on their pillow covers for T. Moore Home Newsletter subscribers through the end of September! If you aren’t currently subscribed, you can sign up here and your coupon code will arrive in your inbox this Sunday.


Now, without further ado, here are my 20 favorite pillow covers from the current lines at Chloe & Olive.

fall home decor updates with neutral colors

It may not seem like it, but I really do love a neutral room. There’s just something about white and taupe that really set the tone for relaxing. What’s really fun about having neutral spaces is that you can create interest by layering textures. When the temperatures drop and the outside is glistening with orange and red, I crave a khaki tweed or light grey chunky knit throw. These five pillows set the tone. Just layer a few around the room, light a candle, and curl up with a good book.

colorful accents in a neutral room

As much as I talk a big game about loving a neutral space, you know I can’t resist a neutral room with bold pops of bright accents. When I saw their newest line of covers, The Jellybean Collection, I felt like they’d modeled it after my very own whole home color palette. Featuring gorgeous hues of orange, green, yellow, black, and (yep!) blue, these covers are making my entire year better. Here they are with some other great colorful accent pillows you’ll love.

I’m breaking the next two sections down by style. For the most part, there are two groups of people, when it comes to design; Traditional and Modern. There are a ton of subgroups that these two categories can be subdivided into but generally, these are the two major design styles. I love them both equally (My subgroup style might be called “Transitional”). So please don’t feel like you’re pigeonholed into these specific styles. This is a very broad idea. Plus, no one can hold you into any group. You love what you love. I hope you love these.

traditional home decor

modern home decor

Okay, so technically that was 21 pillow covers. I just couldn’t help myself. I can genuinely see each of their styles in my home or a client’s home. I especially love that they make each cover to order and they’re crafting them by hand right here in the USA! There are so many other styles you should check out. To view them all, click here.


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